How to replace Headlight bulb Chrysler Pacifica 2004

This is a how to video on how to change a headlight gold on a Chrysler pacifica this is a 2004 Chrysler pacifica I looked on YouTube couldn’t find a video how to do it and took me longer than it should have so I decided to put this video up to help people out okay personally got identify which both is that if that out on your. Your pacifica. He’s going to be your high beam real opening you can go to a local. Repair place number auto parts place and get involved usually they’re about $10 for the ball does happen to be the one for the outside we’re going to replace actually. The passenger side bald but you just get bald from. Are you local auto parts place it can cost $10 and they tell you don’t touch.

2004 chrysler pacifica headlight assemblyThe ballpark because will shorten life with oil on your hand so keep it wrapped up until you get a change of here’s what you do for a couple easy steps number one liquor outta. Proper up so that it doesn’t fall on you. Number to remove these 2 screws right here take a few screws out then the entire unit the balm unit will just slide out now that was the difficult part took me about an hour to figure it out and here’s the secret number one. This part of your car. Is very flexible the bottom pickoff down here so the doesn’t scrape anything when you take these 2 screws off and you have to pull hard because there’s a spring loaded client bacteria to pull hard get out. Once you now. Looks like this. Sure right here. Just pulled out.

That’s the spring loaded clean up right there. But you have to put a backward but that’s what is the reason it’s so hard so you see the talent of got there to protect the car. Okay once you get out. Turn the ball over opponents in like that during the casing reach inside and you’re gonna twist the ball to the left grab hold of it with a total FC component out like this. For a look like right here 2004 chrysler pacifica headlight assembly. And that’s a ballpark that you have to replace. Okay. If you do the matches what’s in the package. The next step is that you got a pop the ball about you gotta it’s okay to touch the ball when you’re removing this one firm brown the new ball you don’t want to touch the ball party can use Glover tell but you just pop right out it has a plug right in there and then you have to replace the put the new ball back in there so you can put it back in the assembly. Here’s a new bow being person here use both sides of your both hands to press down on it so connects without. Touching your hand on the actual ballpark wanted snap back into place. You gonna stick the ball very carefully back into the housing unit.

And take it in and you know I could go see inside there but you have to take it in and turn it. Half return to secure back into just the opposite way that you took to turn it to get it out. What you’ve got the ball back in place it’s secured. Cigarette in turn have to turn them you got to cover up this whole again with the plastic. Covering that you took off earlier. She covered up not ready to put the ball back in. And replace the 2 screws. So that you can now testable mature works actually contested before you put it back in but you mother go ahead put it back in and snap it in the right the right way now as you can see it snap back into place. You gotta replace the 2 screws here. And then you’re all done. Make sure that your life level and then if you are tested obviously can because if there’s a problem with the ball beacon pop right back out.

And replace now the screws are back on now you’re all done a complete. You just save yourself 50 to her dollars what it would cost to take it to the dealership or to an automotive repair place part cost $10 and if you should be able to do this in less than 15 minutes. If you have any other problems I can always look online and do a Google search for Chrysler pacifica headlights writer are like our headlight Chrysler Pacifica 2004 headlamp bowl replacement and get all the details but hopefully that’ll help somebody else. Who needs to change their head light bulb. Or headlights somewhere on this wonderful planet.