2004 Ford Escape 4×4

Hello welcome telling country Ford of Bessemer Alabama here we have a nice affordable Ford Escape SUV is a 2000 44 to skate. It is actually a full wardrobe issue the sky about 78000 miles and still in good condition still looking good lectures in great shape in the interior as well. Things it’s 4 […]

2012 Honda Accord Sedan Test Drive

The previous segment in the automotive industry has to be that mid size sedan segment the king of which is the Toyota Camry hot on its heels is the 2012 Honda accord the accord coupe might be subtly sporty but the sedan it’s just simply subtle that’s pretty good for the mid size segment most […]

Alarm system with autostart.

In a nutshell, what is the alarm with autostart? It is anti-theft system, which can be used to automatically start of the engine at a distance, in two ways. Using the remote key fob, the range of validity is usually up to 500 meters. The second way is by setting the alarm itself with a […]