2004 Ford Escape 4×4

Hello welcome telling country Ford of Bessemer Alabama here we have a nice affordable Ford Escape SUV is a 2000 44 to skate. It is actually a full wardrobe issue the sky about 78000 miles and still in good condition still looking good lectures in great shape in the interior as well. Things it’s 4 doors discussing for 5 people. Really just the. Appear with the The different commentary go down there. Get the 4 wheels here with the Michelin LTX towers. Smaller tread left on our tour bus stop for about tires for quite sometime. Right news about 78000 miles through aperitif office could you say in here your storage space. MC goes way back in there. Last month space and I think the rear seat does fall down as well not exactly sure who doesn’t smile not but. Possibly. Continuing on around I mean you say the exterior just great shape like a sieve. So there it is your outside view looking good let’s go ahead hop in the back seat say what’s going on there. Does have cloth interior serve a 2 tone colors. Gray with the a lot great. Looking good for the most part. The corporate world. You will see here. Okay your seat does fall down. Preakness confirmed.

2004 Ford Escape 4x4 Plus good hop up front got the power locks windows mirrors. And here’s our gauges. This time the vehicle a 78440 miles. And it’s been well maintained you can you can tell from the condition from the exterior the interior. And now here’s your. CD player got the radio not good stuff. Ford Escape headlight replacement http://delight-style.com/ford-escape/headlights.html – more info. Climate chose right here for you and here’s your for drop until you out the automatic setting or got 4 wheel drive. Cruise control there and on the key here is that the remote la. Not exactly sure what this is. I’m not gonna push it just in case it.

Plus something crazy but anyway it was good hot and out popped the hood. You say that. It’s gonna be 6 engine with a surprising amount powerhouse pretty impressed of the vehicle. Not sure what size be 6. But of course looking website album for.com to find them. No there isn’t civil they seek to overtake him for now Engine. And there you have this 2004 model Ford escape by a set of very nice affordable issue the right here tank. A Ford Sing a really good simply much good in great condition and the. Only a 78 0 miles to and 4 model whose for Dr don’t say it often but anyway if you have a question that’s vehicle come on down town country Ford invest well them or even gives got to a file 283 double a 75 thank you have a great day.