2012 Honda Accord Sedan Test Drive

The previous segment in the automotive industry has to be that mid size sedan segment the king of which is the Toyota Camry hot on its heels is the 2012 Honda accord the accord coupe might be subtly sporty but the sedan it’s just simply subtle that’s pretty good for the mid size segment most people want. Plain looking car this is a plain looking car you’ve got some nice character lines. Chrome in the grill good looking wheels but other than that is not much going on. Under the hood of the accord you have few options you can opt for the 2.4 liter inline 4 cylinder which puts out 177 horses like little more grunt you got this 3.5 litre V6 it’s good for 271 horsepower you can get it with a manual transmission, if you want we know most people are gonna get the automatic this comes with a 5 speed automatic while we’re surprised we don’t see a 6 gear under there.

2012 Honda AccordStill good for 30 miles per gallon on the highway. Just looking for a bare bones mid size sedan you can spend a little over 20 grand get yourself into the basic chord looking to spend a little more get this fully loaded E. XLV 6 going to shell out about 32000 begin a lot of bang for your Buck they’re gonna get Bluetooth unit. HID 1998 Honda Accord headlights and new led tail lights. Buttons on the steering wheel to control everything navigation. Comfortable leather seats sunroof you name it. The designers and engineers a pond and done a good job of injecting a little bit a style into this otherwise bland interior the nice ruching in the seats this beautiful looking would might, be fake we can’t tell but it looks good they all work together, for an overall aesthetically pleasing interior one exception this huge mob staring you in the face. The mid size segment may be tough but there’s a reason the accord is traditionally at the top.

It’s well built it’s comparable it drives nicely it’s just an all around good car. 2012 is no exception you got great options great features and great fuel economy. It’s nothing exciting. There’s nothing to get your blood flowing but that’s not what you’re looking for mid size sedan this does everything that you want with a 3.5 litre V. 6 up under the hood you got great throttle response card gets up and goes. Steering on the other hand. It’s a bit boring it’s not gonna. Make you fall asleep but there’s nothing exciting that said it’s responsive enough. When shopping for mid size sedan you’re looking for something that does everything well record is exactly that it’s got great features it’s comparable it’s not totally boring behind the wheel. It’s a safe pick but it’s a good pick.